Tips On Becoming A Better Manager

Business Manager

I am a company director living in Spain. About two months ago, I started a small Web site-designing business with the help of six other people. So far, the business is not running so well, although I’m trying my best to be a good manager. People are starting to get tired and most of them are giving up. How can I lead better?

Managing a start-up business is very stressful, no matter what kind of business you are running. Why not organize a company retreat to help employees bond and feel like they are part of a team? Figure out a place to meet for a day; hotel suites, borrowed conference rooms, or rooms in a restaurant all work well. Hire a temporary worker to answer your phones and let your clients know that you are all taking a day off for a company retreat.

First, share your vision of the company and outline exactly what you are trying to achieve. Next, ask everyone on your team to write down their job description and duties, so they will be clear to all. You may be surprised to find big differences between what you hired people to do and what they are actually doing every day.

Outline your marketing strategy and ask for suggestions on how to bring in more clients. Everyone, no matter what they were hired to do, should be encouraged to participate in the brainstorming session.

By the end of the day, set individual, team and company-wide goals. Make sure you establish dates and deadlines to make sure people are serious about meeting their goals. If people are discouraged and want to quit, let them. Not everyone is cut out to work for an entrepreneurial venture. You’ll be able to hire new people as you need them.