Why It Is Important For An Entrepreneur To Develop A Business Plan

If your networking and contacts find the door to capitalizing your company, the business plan is your key to opening it. It is especially important to entrepreneurs, who can use a solid document to defeat any credibility issues about your management of the venture. Even if you recognize the need for a small business plan, […]

How To Legally Name A New Business

Picking a business name can be hard work: You’re creating your own brand. And with so many names out there already, the task of finding a unique name can require some creative thinking. In addition, you’ll need to meet local legal requirements and find out what domain names are available. Where to start? State and […]

Staff Needed To Start A New Business

You may be going into business for yourself, but you shouldn’t be doing it alone. Even if you have a great idea and the drive to make it happen, you may not have all the skills you need. To fill in those blanks, you need two types of people — specialists and supporters. That’s why […]

How To Hire An Accountant For Your Small Business

Finding a proactive accountant — one who goes beyond simply preparing your tax returns — can help chart your financial course and put you in control of your money. Whatever your level of knowledge, accountants can help you better understand your financial situation. “Even in this day and age,” says Debra Simon, a certified public […]

How To Determine And Track Business Profitability

The answer to the question “Is your business profitable?” seems like it should be obvious from a quick look at the checkbook or a nod from an accountant. As counterintuitive as it is, small business owners are sometimes among the last to realize that their businesses are unprofitable. Often preoccupied by the necessary endeavors of […]

Tips For Writing A Successful Business Plan

Writing a business plan is one of the most demanding and tedious challenges facing entrepreneurs, invariably taking dozens or even hundreds of hours of executive time. And as your business grows the task becomes ever more daunting, simply because the business becomes more complex; there are more details to cover in terms of planning operations, […]

Managing Large Projects And Resources With Microsoft Project

If you manage large projects or several smaller projects, you need to track how your staff is used, how your machinery and equipment is used, all while keeping up with the project schedule. The goal is to maximize all of your resources so you can maximize your billing and minimize the time it takes to […]