How To Find A Business Incubator

Business Incubator

If you're just starting and could use help with a variety of issues from management and industry networking to tech support, a business incubator may be the way to go. Typically, incubator groups provide startup assistance, including cheap

The Benefits Of Buying A Business Franchise

Business Franchise

Purchasing a franchise can be a good entry strategy for entrepreneurs. It eliminates many of the headaches associated with starting a new venture from scratch. It is also an opportunity for you to benefit from the experience, knowledge,

The Basics Of Running A Small Business

Running A Small Business

Getting a small business up and running can be complicated, but it is only the beginning. Once the business is operational, there are many steps you need to take to ensure it runs smoothly. Business Insurance Every business needs

Legal Issues Doing Business Online

Online Business

Small businesses are the most rapidly changing sector of business, and the proliferation of electronic commerce is evidence of entrepreneurs' rush to meet growing market demands. Small businesses are tapping into the Internet to conduct

Succession Planning For Small Business Owners

Succession Planning

If you own an interest in a business, whether it's a sole proprietorship, partnership or corporation, you need an estate plan. You've probably put a lot of time, energy and sweat equity into your business, and you probably did it without

Collecting Payments From Customers

Accepting Payments

There are several ways to deal with collection problems, ranging from preventive action to initiating a lawsuit. If, as a business owner, you are fortunate enough to deal with people who always pay their bills on time, the remaining portion

Types Of Insurance Needed For A Small Business

Business Insurance

Business insurance protects the contents of your business against fire, theft and other losses. All businesses need to purchase a number of basic types of insurance--some insurance is required by law; others simply make good business sense.

The Basics Of Starting A Nonprofit Organization

Nonprofit Organization

Some entrepreneurs start charitable nonprofit organizations, designated as 501(c)(3), that qualify for exemption from federal income tax. With a nonprofit organization, the entrepreneur identifies a need in the community that is currently

Hiring And Negotiating With Service Providers

Business Negotiation

When you consider all the areas in which you must make decisions, nothing can be as time-consuming or as important as determining your service providers. If your phone system does not work correctly or your office equipment does not perform

How To Hire A Lawyer And Accountant For Your Business

Business Attorneys

I'm starting a small business on a limited budget and trying to make every dollar count. Is it absolutely necessary to hire a lawyer and an accountant? Like preventive medical care vs. critical emergency care, it's preferable to get

How To Create A Division Of Your Corporation

Corporate Division

My husband and I have an incorporated business. We are considering developing a division that would sell items online for a mail-order service. What are the laws, standards and/or guidelines for creating a division of your

How To Set Up A Non-Profit Organization

Non Profit Organization

How does one go about setting up a non-profit organization? Is there an online source for more information on this subject, or a government page? While some businesses end up as non-profits accidentally -- they just can't seem to make a

How To Move A Business To Another State

Moving Your Business

I currently have a corporation in New Jersey. I have moved to Florida and have continued to do business under the corporation's name. Do I have to move the corporation to the state of Florida? Theoretically, while your corporation

How To Protect Your Business Idea

Protecting Business Ideas

I have the idea, business plan and capital for a business. My problem is protecting my idea. I'm scared that since I have little experience in the field I wish to venture in, if I ask for advice or capital, someone with more experience can

How To Become A Freelance Consultant

Freelance Consultant

For the past couple of years I've given friends marketing advice for their start-up or small businesses, ranging from letters of introduction to promotional ideas. Many of my friends have said I should start freelance consulting instead of

Hiring Someone To Create A Successful Business Plan

Creating Business Plan

I need help with a business plan for a spa and salon. SBA training courses have provided a lot of good information on how to run a business, but I want to start with a business plan. Who should I talk to about writing a successful business

Staff Needed To Start A New Business

Business Staff

You may be going into business for yourself, but you shouldn't be doing it alone. Even if you have a great idea and the drive to make it happen, you may not have all the skills you need. To fill in those blanks, you need two types of people

Tips For Creating A Customer Satisfaction Survey

Customer Survey

Flexibility plays a major role in your relationship with clients. Effectively relating to your customers and pinpointing their needs will help you to build a loyal customer base. In addition, it will earn you a reputation as an invaluable