The Best Way To Advertise Your Business Offline

Offline Advertising

I’m familiar with online marketing methods such as search engine optimization, social media, and pay-per-click advertising. Can you give me some offline marketing ideas? Surprisingly, the most effective advertising is free: word of mouth. Even heavily advertised blockbuster movies rely on audience reviews to build box office. To create buzz, let your customers know you’re looking […]

Maximize Your Print Marketing Campaign By Tracking Results

Marketing Campaigns

In the previous article, “How To Plan A Print Marketing Campaign“, we discussed successful approaches to marketing via direct mail, flyers, newsletters, and other print media. Now it’s time to address the bottom line: results. Know What To Measure Before judging the success of an advertising or direct-mail campaign, it’s important to review your initial […]

How To Plan A Print Marketing Campaign – Tips And Ideas

Print Marketing Campaign

Internet marketing is the buzz of the news media and business world. Forrester Research predicts that online advertising expenditures will reach $77 billion by the year 2016, comprising 35% of overall ad spending. Yet despite the Internet’s explosive growth, print is still a great marketing tool for most businesses. After all, many consumers and businesses […]