How Should I Present The Competitor Analysis In My Business Plan?

When creating my business plan, how should I present and lay out the competitor-analysis section? And for my customer and market analyses, I need statistics on the estimated number of people studying in MBA programs in the U.S. An analysis of the competition provides critical data in a business plan because without knowing the competition, […]

Tips On Becoming A Better Manager

I am a company director living in Spain. About two months ago, I started a small Web site-designing business with the help of six other people. So far, the business is not running so well, although I’m trying my best to be a good manager. People are starting to get tired and most of them […]

Franchise Questions To Ask Owners Before Buying

What questions are appropriate to ask other franchisees? I’m applying to buy a franchise. As part of the application process, I have to visit several current franchisees. It is appropriate to ask them about net margins, gross sales, and daily units sold? I don’t want them to tell me to mind my own business! In […]

Learning To Charge Your Friends For Services

I have a small business startup. Friends often ask me to do work for them, but I have a hard time charging them. Some say they will pay me, but I turn them down. I need to maintain a profit margin, but I keep getting caught in the same cycle. What do I do? Still […]

How To Calculate The Value Of A Small Business

How is the value of a company established? I have been offered the chance to purchase a company that has minimal assets but a very lucrative contract that generates substantial cash flow and profit. The problem is calculating the value of the contract. On a straight cash flow, profitability standpoint, it would appear fine. However, […]

How To Land A Product Licensing Agreement

How can I get a company to consider my ideas and products for licensing? Do you have any suggestions for convincing an existing company to consider my business’s ideas and products for licensing? Many companies say they can’t consider my ideas for “legal reasons,” yet they accept other people’s products. While many companies do license […]

Solving Small Business Cash Flow Problems

I am having cash-flow problems. Should I obtain a line of credit to cover expenses? A few years ago I started a janitorial company. Originally, I kept my previous job, but last year I began working on my business full-time, and now I’m running into a cash flow issues. Do you think I should get […]